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LBN Technology

CuP Products


CuP Products can be diluted for use in both mechanical and chemical micro-etching processes.


CuP Products have been successfully used in brush cleaning systems for surface prep/cleaning in high volume productions.


CuP Products are a cost effective surface prep formulation providing a controlled copper surface for better solder mask, dry film, and resist bonding.  As well as thin film surface treatments including Post CMP and Post Etch residues from metal and dielectric surfaces.


CuP Products are a novel cost effective alkaline aqueous surface preparation formulation used for multiple applications. CuP Products provide superior substrate cleaning with controlled copper roughness.

CuP Products are capable of providing:


- Controlled smooth copper etch and surface roughness

- Improved adhesion of solder mask, dry film and resist bonding with copper

- Organic and inorganic contamination removal from various surfaces, including post CMP and post etch residues from metal and dielectrics

Custom Products
LBN also offers custom product development. We welcome the opportunity to formulate products for unique applications.


The uses for LBN products are many and varied and are referred to by many different names that are familiar in various applications and industries. These include:

  • Thin-film surface preparation

  • Copper surface cleaning 

  • Corrosion inhibitors

  • Solar Cell Cleaning

  • Hard Surface Critical Cleaning

  • Surface Contamination Removal

  • Semiconductor Substrate Cleaning

  • Thick Film Resist Stripping

  • Wafer Level packaging (WLP)

  • Aluminum Corrosion Inhibitor

  • Copper Corrosion Inhibitor

  • Sidewall Polymer Removal

  • Solder Bump

  • Photo Resist Stripping

  • Post Etch Removal

  • Post Etch Clean

  • Wafer Cleaning

  • Wet Process Chemicals

  • Contact Clean

  • Chemical Mechanical Polishing (CMP)

  • Wet Process Chemicals

  • Electronics Grade Materials

  • Semiconductor Chemicals

  • Semiconductor Fabrication


Analytical Capabilities

  • Field Emission SEM

  • FIB

  • AFM

  • ESCA

  • UV-Vis NIR DSR Spectroscopy

  • FTIR




Copper Surface SEM Analysis Results

Cup-100 results.png
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