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3rd Party Test Results (Jan 2020)

CuP-600 Adhesion Peel Strength Results

Panasonic Megtron 7 with FUKUDA CF-T9DA-SV non-roughened ultra very low profile ED Cu Foil


3rd Party Test Results (Nov 2019)

Ajinomoto Build-up Film (ABF) GX92 and GXT31

Copper Roughness and Peel Strength Data

Cu foil adhesion with GX92/GXT31

1. GX92 and GXT31 vacuum lamination to CCL; 100 deg C, 30 sec-vacuum, 30 sec-            press (7kgf/cm2)

2. After removing PET from GX92 and GXT31, Cu foil vacuum lamination to ABF resin        surface; 100 deg C, 30 sec-vacuum, 30 sec-press (7kgf/cm2), 
    Metal press; 100 deg.C, 60 sec-press (5.5 kgf/cm2)

3. Pre-cure; 100 deg.C x30 min & 180 deg C x30 min & cut samples

4. Peel off the Cu Foil, measure peel strength

5. Full-cure; 190 deg C 60 min, again (4) 

Surface Treatment (2 min 23 C)      DI spray rinse (30sec 23 C)      Dry

3rd Party Test Results (May 2019)

Ajinomoto Build-up Film (ABF) GX92

Copper Roughness, Peel Strength and Humidity Test Data

1. CuP-100 Treatment

              Surface Treatment (1 min 23 C)     DI spray rinse (30 sec 23 C)     Dry

2. Competitor A Alternative Oxide Treatment

              Soft Cleaner     Conditioner (1 min 50 C)     Coating (6 min  70 C) 

              Reducer (1 min 30 C)     Protector (1 min 30 C)



CuP-600  & CuP-100  evaluation on

  • Panasonic Megtron 6 R-5775K

  • Rogers Laminates, including RO3003



You can see the results of tests below in this file:

  1. Soldermask adhesion test (IPC-TM-650 #

  2. Copper etch rate by weight loss method

  3. DuPont Riston LDI7330 dry film adhesion test (IPC-TM-650 #

  4. Tin plating adhesion test (IPC-TM-650 #

  5. Copper surface SEM analysis 


3rd Party Test Results (Aug 2019)

CuP-600TM Adhesion Peel Strength Results

Rogers RO1200™ Bondply with

Circuit Foil TWS ED Cu Foil

Cu Foil Process Conditions

•Static immersion at 25°C

•Surface Treatment (60 seconds) --> DI spray rinse (30 seconds) -->Dry

Lamination Conditions

• Standard press parameters associated with RO1200™

• 1/8” wide peel strips were etched into the copper layers that were bonded

• Cu strips were measured for copper peel strength


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