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Applications for surface treatment process in PCB operations are:

  • Thin-film surface preparation

  • Copper surface clean

  • Pre dry film deposition

  • Pre applying solder mask

  • Pre final surface finish; Tin, Silver, ENIG and HASL

  • Pre laminate to copper adhesion

  • Resist strip removal

  • Post CMP and Post Etch residue from metal and dielectrics


Benefits of CuP products:

  • Minimize insertion loss due to skin effect

  • Minimize copper and metal oxides thickness

  • Operate in either immersion or spray mode

  • Lower cost of ownership (COO)

  • Reduce dielectric surface ionic contamination

  • Reduce wastewater treatment costs

  • Bath loading does not affect performance

  • Provide adhesion without increased Cu roughness

  • Removes most oils and surface contamination

  • Process is simple with few steps

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