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LBN Technology


CuP-200 is a cost effective surface prep formulation providing controlled copper surface for better solder mask, Dry film and resist bonding.

CuP-200 is a novel cost effective alkaline aqueous surface preparation formulation used for multiple applications. CuP-200 provides superior substrate cleaning with controlled copper roughness. CuP-200 is the second in the series of copper surface preparation family of products.

CuP-200 is capable of providing:

- Controlled copper etch and surface roughness

- Organic and inorganic contamination removal from various surfaces

- Improved adhesion of solder mask, dry film and resist bonding with copper


• Low cost of ownership. (May be used diluted)

• Qualified and used in production for various surface preparation applications

• Suitable for both batch and single wafer processing tools

• Suitable for use with both megasonics and ultrasonics

• Reduces need for brush scrubbing

• Short process time (30 sec - 60 sec)

• DI Rinse

• Can handle significant water/copper contamination

• Does not foam

• Does not contain KOH

• Low energy consumption (operated at ambient to 40C temperature)

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