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Smooth Copper Surface Prep Solutions


Lowest cost of ownership with simple process for improved inner layer bonding.

LBN develops and provides novel formulated products for specialized surface preparation and hard surface cleaning applications. These novel chemical products are utilized in the processing and fabrication of high tech devices, however their usefulness also extends into industrial surface cleaning and preparation applications. 

Surface Preparation is the Foundation. LBN products are formulated to address these important aspects. Effective surface preparation pre-treatment can allow a poor coating to perform well, while an excellent coating will generally not display good performances if the surface was not properly prepared prior to coating.


Demanding Technology

Control of smooth copper surface, oxide thickness, and roughness in Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) is becoming more significant in multi-GHz designs for high speed PCBs.


Challenging Technology

Insertion loss is critical for smooth copper and high speed design. Skin Effect loss and surface roughness in copper conductors on PCB boards is a growing challenge for PCB designers.

Pipetting Samples

Innovative Solutions

The roughness profile of an inner-layer trace is influenced not only by the grade of copper foil on the laminate core material, but also by the nature of the copper oxide and or alternative-oxide inner-layer treatment process.

Test Tubes

Contact Us and Sample Requests 

LBN often provides product samples to customers. To help us provide you with the right samples for your application, please contact us to discuss the application with one of our technical experts. In many cases, you would provide us with samples of parts to be cleaned. 


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